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What We Do for Black History

The Loyalist Connections Creative Society is committed to building self-esteem and identity within our communities by educating and documenting our ancestors’ historic resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit to dispel racist historical narratives and address anti-racism. We strive to equip the next generation with essential skills and development opportunities, with a particular focus on giving a voice to those who have been historically overlooked.

We will leverage big data and multimedia resources to capture and share first-voice historical narratives that highlight the unique nature and conditions of the Black and African Nova Scotian Experience. 


A comprehensive multi-media platform that showcases the lived experiences, biographies, and community history of Black and African Nova Scotian communities


Fostering collaboration and dialogue within our communities and with stakeholders to ensure that our work remains relevant and impactful in addressing historical and current issues of discrimination and inequality

social entrepreneurship

Expanding our social entrepreneurship and community capacity development initiatives to create a Black media ecosystem that provides opportunities for our communities to thrive and contribute to society.


Building partnerships with academic institutions, museums, businesses, and government organizations to facilitate knowledge-building and promote anti-racism in the workplace and beyond.

Our Latest  Projects

We are currently working on a number of initiatives that will facilitate connections between People of African Descent in our communities and around the world.


Social Activities

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Discover Hidden History

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Community Outreach

Staying Connected

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Podcast  Showcase

Customized educational resources that increase cultural competency, and build anti-racism capacity in academic institutions, businesses, and not-for-profits.  

Loyalist Connections

The concept of loyalist connections highlights the importance of building strong relationships based on trust and mutual support. Overall, Loyalist Connections would serve as a representation of the power and potential of African Nova Scotians and Black people to drive success and create positive change in communities and organizations.

Our  Values


We believe in promoting fairness and justice in all our endeavors, and strive to ensure that everyone has equal access to resources and opportunities.


We value honesty and transparency, and believe in capturing the authentic lived experiences of Black and African Nova Scotian communities to highlight their unique history and contributions.


We believe in fostering creativity and innovation in all our work, leveraging big data and multi-media resources to create engaging and impactful content.


We value the power of community, and believe in working together to address historical and modern-day issues faced by Black and African Nova Scotian communities.


We believe in empowering individuals and communities to tell their own stories and share their experiences, giving them the tools and resources they need to effect positive change.

What We Do

We shed light on these lost and disappearing communities, discuss why these communities could not survive or are fading, and what these collapses tell us about the historic and modern systemic racism Black Nova Scotians face today

What We offer


Individuals or organizations and the various individuals or groups they are connected to through a network of relationships built on loyalty and trust.

professional help


The loyalist connections would leverage on network built over time through mutual support, collaboration, and a shared commitment to black success. These connections are characterized by a high degree of trust and loyalty, and they form the foundation of a strong and resilient network that can weather challenges and support growth.

We Enjoy Working

What People Say

We invited Shawn to speak with our Grade 3-6 students and teachers as we learn to be more culturally responsive as a school. Shawn's presentation was meaningful and engaging; his approachable and​accepting manner created a safe space to challenge our children to think critically about racism. Through personal story-telling, Shawn connected with the students and sparked their interest in better understanding Nova Scotia's real history. We will continue to have these important conversations.
Kimberly Gallivan
Grade 3 French Immersion Teacher Le Marchant St. Thomas School
In 2023, Shawn and Laurice presented to and had a fruitful discussion with my 4th-year history students in a course called ‘Making History Matter to the Public,’ taught at Huron University College... To prepare for the class, students listened to a director's cut of the episode on Beechville and Connections to Urban Development wherein Shawn and Laurice interviewed Dr. Barb Hamilton-Hinch. This episode, in addition to our conversation with Shawn and Laurice, helped students to better understand how we as scholars can make a difference with the work.
Erin L. Isaac
Phd Candidate, Department of History, Western University
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Meet Our Team

Shawn Smith

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Laurice Gabriel

Laurice Gabriel

Graham Nickerson

Lead Researcher
Graham Nickerson
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