What We Do For Our Community

We shed light on these lost and disappearing communities, discuss why these communities could not survive or are fading, and what these collapses tell us about the historic and modern systemic racism Black Nova Scotians face today

Services  List

Our podcast production service aims to amplify voices and stories that challenge anti-Black racism. Through compelling storytelling and expert audio engineering, we create powerful episodes that raise awareness, inspire empathy, and foster meaningful dialogue. Join us on this journey as we use the power of podcasting to ignite conversations and drive positive change.

Our hosting services provide a safe and inclusive platform for discussions surrounding anti-Black racism. We facilitate engaging and thought-provoking conversations that encourage open dialogue and understanding. Whether it’s a panel discussion, town hall, or virtual event, our experienced hosts create spaces for diverse perspectives to be heard and valued.

Our interactive engagement sessions offer transformative learning experiences centered around anti-Black racism. Through workshops, seminars, and training sessions, we equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools to confront systemic barriers and promote equity. Together, we’ll work towards building inclusive communities and dismantling racism.

Loyalist Connections Creative Society is committed to empowering the African Nova Scotian community through transformative digitalization strategies. Our mission is to bridge the digital divide, enhance access to information, and foster meaningful connections within our community

Our advisory services provide expert guidance and strategic insights to organizations committed to combating anti-Black racism. We offer tailored recommendations, policy reviews, and equity assessments to foster inclusive workplaces and communities. Let our experienced advisors help shape your anti-racism initiatives for lasting impact.