Shawn Smith is an African Nova Scotia with roots tracing back to the Black Loyalists and the Black Refugees migrations. With his lived experience of anti-black racism, Shawn is known for creating spaces to have difficult conversations about addressing anti-racism in organizations. 

After graduating from Saint Mary’s University in 2005, Shawn gained a multifaceted business background, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) abroad and working in marketing and human resources roles for the Black Business Initiative (BBI), CPA Atlantic School of Business, and public accounting   firm MNP LLP.  His experiences have allowed him to develop a deep understanding of how to create inclusive workplaces and how to market and communicate effectively with diverse audiences.

Currently, Shawn serves as the Co-Founder of Loyalist Connection Creative Society (LCCS), an educational platform designed to promote an understanding of Black and African Nova Scotian history as a way to improve organizational culture, belonging and performance.  He is also the Senior Advisor for Black and African Nova Scotian Initiatives at NSCC, where he leads efforts to address anti-black racism, promoting equitable solutions to improve recruitment and retention of students, and employees. 


With his deep commitment to equity and inclusion, Shawn believes in the power of knowing and acknowledging one’s history to influence future society outcomes. He has extensive experience facilitating workshops and training sessions on anti-racism, equity, and inclusion, and is particularly interested in how different equity-seeking groups intersect and can support each other.